First Garden Salad of the Season

This is why I love having a garden – I can simply head outside and pick whatever is ripe and create a lovely salad.  Such a great accompaniment to meals in the summer. 


Floral Friday – Schiphol Airport Flower Bowls

I love to explore different cities and cultures, and particularly enjoy sampling the local delicacies.  But I’m not a huge lover of flying.  In fact, I only fly because it is a necessary evil of travelling. 

One airport that actually lifts my spirits is Schiphol airport in Amsterdam.  Here’s a shot from a few years ago on one of the many trips to, what I consider to be, my home away from home!



Friday Flower - Peonies

Peonies – they are my fave!  Anyone who follows me on Pinterest knows that I can’t resist pinning peony shots.  Whether repining from my feed or finding them online, they must be included on my botanical board!


Basil & Goat Cheese Pesto

The last several years I have been growing basil as it is my favorite herb and pairs so well with cucumbers and tomatoes (two other staples in my garden).  Every year I plan on making a batch of pesto, but always hold off not wanting to demolish my basil plants.  This year I said nuts on that and tackled a batch nice and early.


Carrot Ginger Soup

OMG – this soup is ridiculously good.  So good, I kept grabbing spoonfuls every time I passed the pot while it was cooling down.  Hot or cold, it was scrumptious!


Friday Flower - Freesia

I can’t think of a better way of celebrating the end of the week than by sharing a lovely picture of flowers.