Holiday Gift List – The Chef/ Foodie

When I have time, I love to cook!  I enjoy reading my cookbooks, researching recipes on-line and generally checking out all the food porn!  I've got quite a few chefs and foodies in my family; this list is in honour of all the family get togethers and celebrations past and those to come:



Éclairs are my dad’s favourite dessert and thus a necessity in my cooking repertoire. 

Here’s one from a batch I made for Father’s Day this year (the rest got eaten before I could snap some shots!).


Ella’s Botanicals Gift Basket

I’m so excited to receive my Ella’s Botanicals gift basket that I won on Instagram!  I seldom win, so I was completely surprised when I got the notice I had won!

If you don’t know Ella’s Botanicals you are missing out on some really great skincare products that are amazing for the entire family’s use.  Created and headed up by Ella, all of her products are made in small batches in Toronto, Canada focusing on natural, locally sourced ingredients where possible and are biodegradable.  Good for you and not harmful to our lovely planet.  Love that!


Holiday Gift List – The Beauty Lover

I've got some more holiday gift ideas for you.  This time focusing on the beauty lover!

Come check it out:


Floral Friday – Tiny White Chrysanthemums

Happy Friday loveys!

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts as of late.  Things have been really busy with s/f Designs, which is great!  But it means I haven’t had a lot of extra time to dedicate to my blog posts.  I’ve got a bunch in the works, so stay tuned; more are on the way!


Holiday Gift List 2014 – The Gardener

Those who know me, know that I start my x-mas shopping early.  I'm on the hunt for good gifts all year long. 

In fact, the date stamp on my 2014 holiday gift list is dated December 25, 2013.  I actually jotted down gift ideas after getting home from all the celebrations; surprising given my turkey coma state ;)  August marks the official get down to holiday business kick-off, with the goal of having it all done by the end of November


Broccoli & Pine Nut Soup

I had some broccoli left in the fridge that was on its last legs and it was lunch time.  I was hungry and I was craving something healthy and delish, but not a salad – for once.