Italian Walnut-Raisin Whole-Wheat Bread

I'm a toast eater.  Raisin toast with peanut butter eater to be precise.  The bread itself has changed throughout the years, but it has been my go to breakfast for 15+ years.  I literally look forward to it every morning.  How crazy is that?!

I found THE best raisin walnut bread at a small bakery while living in Japan.  I used to toast it up in my toaster oven and either eat it with butter or peanut butter if I was lucky (meaning I had some left over from one of the batches my mum shipped out to me!).  I've been searching for something that comes somewhat close, without any lucky.  Until possibly now.


Floral Friday - Lily

Happy Friday!

Some lovely orange lilies to celebrate the end of week.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Floral Friday – Bright & Cheery

Here’s a little brightness and colour to cheer us up on this gray cloudy rainy Friday.

I picked up these Chrysanthemums at the grocery store and they have lasted for weeks!  Definitely have lived up to their 10-day freshness guarantee. 

Happy weekend everyone!


Floral Friday – Mint Flower

This is the first year that I've ever grown mint – spearmint to be exact.  I remember my mum growing it when I was a kid and loving grabbing a few leaves to munch on while passing by.  


Floral Friday – Nature Walk

I love walking.  I love being outdoors and hearing the birds chirp.  I love seeing the change in scenery from season to season, even in the bitter cold of winter.  It’s an opportunity to reflect, work through issues and achieve total serenity.  


Andes Crème de Menthe Chunk Cookies

It seems like we can only find Andes Crème de Menthe around Christmas time and we never fail to pick up several boxes!!  This past winter, I stumbled upon Andes Crème de Menthe Baking Chips and quickly grabbed a bag.  They’ve since been sitting in my pantry stacked with my other baking chips just waiting for the day I finally got around to using them.  Well – I finally have!