Holiday Gift List 2014 – The Gardener

Those who know me, know that I start my x-mas shopping early.  I'm on the hunt for good gifts all year long. 

In fact, the date stamp on my 2014 holiday gift list is dated December 25, 2013.  I actually jotted down gift ideas after getting home from all the celebrations; surprising given my turkey coma state ;)  August marks the official get down to holiday business kick-off, with the goal of having it all done by the end of November


Broccoli & Pine Nut Soup

I had some broccoli left in the fridge that was on its last legs and it was lunch time.  I was hungry and I was craving something healthy and delish, but not a salad – for once.  


Daily Afternoon Snack

I must be a creature of habit.  Every day around 3 pm, I get really hungry.  Starved, in fact.  And I typically reach for my trusty apple and cheese combo.  


Floral Friday – Chartreuse Peruvian Lilies

Woot woot it’s FRIDAYYYYYY!

Today I am sharing some floral shots of chartreuse coloured Peruvian Lilies. 


Sephora Haul

I FINALLY got around to cashing in my Sephora gift card that I received two – yes that’s right – two birthdays ago!!