Bran Muffins

I get the sense you either love them or hate them!  

With the exception of when I was a kid, I’ve always had an affinity for bran muffins.  To the point where I am constantly trying new recipes; on the hunt for the best ones.  This latest variation is my current fave.  It incorporates unsweetened apple sauce to reduce the amount of oil needed and also replaces half of the regular bran with spelt bran, which I hadn’t used before.  The apple-sauce made these muffins even moister and the spelt bran added a little more texture to the final product.


Cream of Crimini Mushroom Soup

I know I have come up with something good when, half way through an avid conversation, there’s a pause for appreciation of the yumminess they are eating.  This was the reaction to this seriously intense mushroom flavoured soup. 


Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

Upon my better half’s return from a trip to Shanghai, he could not stop raving about the Hot Pot dinner he had.  Now you have to understand, he was quite leery of the food he was going to be exposed to while in Asia, so I was happily surprised that he was excited about this meal.  

Having spent time in Asia and absolutely loving their cuisine, I was curious to see what this Hot Pot meal was all about.  Naturally, when we found out that the Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot restaurant in Shanghai, also had a location in Montreal, we had to give it a try!


High Tea @ Le Maître Chocolatier

High tea has been something I have wanted to do for what feels like an eternity.  Not entirely sure what had been the hold-up.  My last attempt was while visiting NYC for the first time last summer.  I had booked us for high tea at The Russian Tea Room, a place I have wanted to visit ever since I heard about it.  Unfortunately, our visit was cut short due to hurricane Irene bearing down, and the Russian Tea Room was just one of the many food excursions we had to cancel. 

Having seen a good deal for Le Maître Chocolatier on Living Social, I decided to seize the opportunity to finally give high tea a try, and at a discount no less! 


Watermelon Cultivation Day

Today was watermelon cultivation day!  A happy day given that my hearty plant succumbed to, what we believe to be, a disease.  Dark black spots on the leaves, vines and watermelons is not a good sign.


Petite Gâterie "Les Incroyables" Macarons Ladurée

A friend stopped by for brunch while here on business from Paris.  And, the chivalrous guest that he is, brought us une petite gâterie from renowned Parisian pâttiserie Ladurée.  They have been making incredible (“incroyable”) macarons since the early 20th century, and continue to expand on their original creations by introducing a new flavour each season.